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The BS Entrepreneurship Program is designed to take the students through various Rugast stages of the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial process, the end-product of which would be a functioning enterprise. The program is designed to develop thought leaders with entrepreneurial spirit that can lead to the creation of new ventures within and outside existing enterprises. After completing the program, students would have designed, launched and managed their entrepreneurial ventures through the stages of ideation, networking, experimentation, execution, breakeven, growth, and investment. Students explore each of these stages through multiple courses using the project based learning approach. Graduates of this program will be job creators and not job-seekers, and would have the experience of coming out of the comfort zone, and to practice creativity, innovation and design with real projects, real entrepreneurs, and in real-life environments.

Chinese And Pakistani Institutions Join Hands To Promote The Chinese Language Initiative

As a beginner, you may want to reach out to more targeted audience and newspapers, magazines. dellytechnology Get the word out about your new business by engaging, liking, sharing and curating information. It is going to get you a following which you can always direct back to your business goals.

The rapid pace of urbanization in the global south has presented planning professionals with unique challenges. Often, local governments lack adequate own source revenue that limits their ability to plan and deliver municipal infrastructure and services. IJURP aspires to become a valuable resource of scholarly and professional knowledge for engineers, economists, planners, and policymakers committed to improving development outcomes in the global south.

Consistent with this spirit of knowledge sharing, our reach and collaborations have transcended borders in foodtravellibrary recent times. We have created linkages with global academic institutions of repute, such as those in Europe. Our faculty collaborates with academics and researchers from North America as well as Australasia. We plan to capitalize on these linkages to undertake joint research projects, promote faculty and student exchanges, and collaborate in knowledge creation and translation. UMT Artificial Intelligence Review (UMT-AIR) is a double blind peer-reviewed biannual journal that provides a wide variety of perspectives on the theory and practices of work in the realm of AI.

Lahore Court To Indict Pm Shehbaz, Others In Money Laundering Case On May 14

The Journal of Communication and Cultural Trends is a bi-annual, double-blind, peer-reviewed bloggingspy , open-access journal, edited by the editorial board of the journal. The JCCT mainly addresses the research articles under the domains of English Literature, Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, TESOL, ELT, Intercultural Communication, etc. The Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual HEC recognized journal.

The School of Business & Management Sciences is the immaculate and pioneer institute of the Minhaj University Lahore. The SBM is committed to deliver; innovative, high standard, research-based, quality education to its students. The curriculum of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs strictly adheres to the guidelines furnished by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan . A special emphasis has given on the curriculum development to create business leaders with high competence, professional and ethical values. In this pursuit, our team of highly-qualified and energetic academics has been playing an instrumental role. Our faculty members actively engage in bringing together evidence-based knowledge and research to foster a learning environment that is further enhanced using current teaching and learning methods and approaches.

We strive to be an inspirational and challenging academic environment in-step with the University’s plan to produce self-motivated, independent, life-long learners who are readily employable in graduate-level posts. The Department of Management Sciences is getting strengthened day by day because of inclusion of highly qualified faculty members but also from the student point of view .Currently there are almost 600 students registered in different disciplines of Management Sciences. The teams focused their efforts on a few of the highest-value S&OP levers in order to review the current planning process, identify gaps in the planning infrastructure and analytically understand demand and supply variability. In any career planning, enough attention should be given to achieving a fair balance between line function and staff function affiliation.

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They determine ‘no-go areas’ in the department; anything beyond is considered corporate blasphemy. watchlivepslhd An organisation, whose principles are based on creating an environment of being ‘secretive’ will never be conducive for creating managers who can see the ‘big picture’. These organisations do not permit development of individuals’ acquisition of extensive knowledge or sharing of information or even development of alternative skills or talent. Those hired in such units are expressly informed to curb any self-generated initiative to go beyond the assignment. That may need no development too; the only demand upon them is to do the given work with efficiency.

JQM provides new insights and fosters critical debate about the role of data analysis in business and economics. That is why the Management Sciences Department is developing as a dynamic of business thought and practice. The program is based on a step wise transition of thematic semesters containing courses and projects that facilitate the entire entrepreneurial process. Each semester reflects a stepping milestone having embedded courses from various business domains that revolve around an underlying project.

Login below to access our online services for members, students and business partners. The gaming industry across the world has witnessed a massive growth recently. Journal of Management and Research is the flagship pragmatic journal in management, aims to present the latest thinking and research on all major and minor management areas in an indispensable way for readers. The Journal welcomes a broad view of business and management while encouraging new ideas and advanced perspectives on apkatv existing research and promising deep-exploration approach for future possible research areas.